Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Swoon for 10 Years

Later this year we celebrate 10 years of matrimony.  We will be taking a trip back to our honeymoon destination, Hanalei Bay, Kauai.  I can't express my excitement with words!  So I thought a quilt was in order to commemorate our milestone year.  

In the process of making this Swoon Quilt I carefully selected fabrics that I love and thought went well together.  Many many fabrics were auditioned but didn't make the cut.  I wanted to steer away from my first love (reproduction prints) to what I've matured into loving (modern, bold, & bohemian prints).  I ended up with a mixture. 

Although the swoon block is very traditional, which doesn't suit the theme of our home much; I feel the prints that won my heart over give it the modern-ness we both love.  If I could go back to the beginning I think I would still use the traditional swoon block, but in a more modern approach, like maybe only a few down one side of the quilt, kind of the way Denyse Schmidt does it in her quilt pattern Point Me.  

Mostly I love this quilt in parts, like each individual block, binding/backing fabric which is Drop Cloth by Jay McCarroll, and the hand stitches.

I hand quilted it, which felt like it took forever.  I knew in the end I'd love the effect, which I do.  As you can see it isn't perfect.  One thing that bugged me at first was the subtle difference in whites.  The saching was a second order of Kona Cotton in Snow.  Now I don't mind it so much.  I actually like it!

The size fits perfectly with our bed frame, which is incredibly hard to tuck anything into, even a sheet, but covers us perfectly.  

To sum up my fabrics I used prints from Denyse Schmidt, Jay McCarroll, Anna Maria Horner, Juliana Horner, Joel Dewberry Martha Negley , Pat Bravo , Carrie Bloomston, Heather Bailey and Amy Butler.  Solids were Kona Cotton in Snow, and Aqua.

This corner is the first I see when I walk in the room.  It's my favorite!


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  1. I love it Lindsay! So impressed with all your work! Have fun in Kauai girl. Love you to peices!

  2. Such a beautiful quilt, an amazing job. You are very talented. Blessings friend

  3. It's beautiful!!! How fantastic!


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