Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Just Swooning Along

It may seam quiet around here, but I assure you, it's anything but. Slowly over the last two weeks I've been gathering goods for our first ever 4 day family camping trip. Now as a mom, I appreciate all that went into my childhood trips camping. I'm sure my family did well with a lot less than I am taking. There may be no end to my preparedness. It's ridiculous how overly excited I am. Tomorrow I prep the food and finish up packing our bags.

Swoon #2

Today, however I took a mental break from preparing and went swooning. I'm not sure why Camille named the quilt pattern Swoon, but I bet it had something to do with the love of working with your favorite fabrics and creating giant star blocks. Since my last post, I've finished 3 more blocks. That's a total of 4 out of 9. I figured out today it takes me 2 hours to complete one swoon block. Phew, thats a lot, but man are they pretty.

Swoon #3
Swoon #4

My mind is already back into packing mode. 2 hours wasn't enough. Dare I pack my epp hexagons pouch of scraps for the trip? Will there be anytime to sit and stitch with kids around and so much to explore? Did I mention we are going to Yosemite? Epic hikes and camp fires! I've been on Pinterest more than is legally permitted for a mom. My justification will be my undivided attention to wilderness. Not to mention the time was well spent because I found so many awesome tips on camping with kids, how to and what to pack. Ok, wow, I'm scaring myself.

Confession: When I get excited about something that has a theme, like this trip; I get a little obsessive right down to my outfits, know what I mean? Naturally this calls for a few new wardrobe items. Such as a new hat, or two. I'm already into plaid shirts, but a new one is called for, some sweat pants and shirt (army green + black) and chevron necklace to feel somewhat pretty since I probably wont be wearing any makeup.




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