Monday, February 3, 2014


It may seam pretty quiet around here, but I assure you it hasn't been.

I managed to finish some table linens.  My dear friend and neighbor shared this fun ikea fabric with me she didn't end up using and it was perfect for this project.  

I've been a quilting away on the never ending swoon quilt.  Although I am enjoying the peaceful act of hand stitching, I'm getting a little 'over it.'  Still I will persevere.  I love thinking of how the Amish women have ultimate patience when it comes to quilting, but I do envy the whole group quilting effort.  Community like that isn't easy to find around here.

I ordered myself a couple Amish related books recently and am really enjoying the first which is called Money Secrets of the Amish - by Lorilee Craker.  Its a study on some of the Amish money habits that keep them out of debt, living simply, and being content.  Its pretty meaty and is helping challenge me in my spending habits.  I caught my husband reading it the other night, and he even loved it.  I've found that nothing says "I love and respect you, dear husband"; than truly appreciating his hard earned money by managing it wisely.  

The second book, which I'm looking forward to next is Amish Values for Your Family - by Suzanne Woods Fisher.  Another thing I admire about the Amish is their tight family relations and strong values.  

Back to conquering the 2014 List.


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  1. We do business with the Amish. They're good hard working people in our experience. A bit different, but certainly in a good way. Overall, this society would be a whole lot better off if we all had the faith, work ethic, and self-reliant accountability of the average Amish adult. Are there bad ones in the bunch? Sure, because they’re humans. But in our experience we’d trust the average Amish at their word more than we would the average “English”. The more this society slips downward, the more we respect the Amish,


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