Friday, March 14, 2014

Little Man Cuddle Quilt

My son has been asking me for a quilt for a while.  A soft quilt, meaning plush.  My girl friend, Christine Adolph gave me a stash of her line from a couple years ago.  Its was perfect for him.  Skateboards and BMX bikes.    

I cut 6" squares and quilted it in the ditch.  Quilting minky fabric was a first for me, but it was quite easy.  I love these boy colors.  The rust orange marble is my favorite.  

He picked out the back. 

Which happens to match our vintage chairs perfectly.  Wonder if he thought of that when he chose that color?

I sewed as quickly as possible and now he enjoys it daily.  Don't mind the messy pink hair.  It was crazy hair day today;D

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