Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Whip It :: Quilt

A few posts ago, I mentioned I was working on a quilt for one of Jack's little friends.  Well, I can finally share it with you: 

This quilt isn't my usual style, but the boys sure do love those motorcycles so, I couldn't resist making it.  You may remember this one I made for Jack...well there were a few Ooos and Ahhs.  I couldn't resist getting this more vintage looking collection for his friend.  

The name?  'Whip' is a motocross term for a trick where the rider swings the back tire sideways in mid air off a jump (and hopefully landing, not crashing).  The bottom left photo on the quilt would be a good example:)  I are Dangerous, but when Daddy is into something, son is likely to follow.  I'm preparing myself now, and so is my girlfriend:)  We will be celebrating Jack's friend, Jett's birthday later this month while on vacation in Montana.  Thankfully I finished in time.  Here is the back:

I chose to practice my free motion quilting skills with this quilt since the recipient is a child who can care less about the quilting.  I used a few scrap quilts to practice the meandering design before hand and found I was awful at meandering.  I couldn't come up with any other design that I liked though.  So, I used a so called 'water soluable' pencil on the top of the quilt to help guide me:

In RED!  Don't know how well you can see it, but in person, its pretty red.  After washing the first time, I was so bummed that the stitching absorbed the red and did NOT disolve.  So, I'm trying my best to get it out one last time.  I'm sure it'll all come out after a few washes, but I really want it to look good when given.  I used the same pencil on Jack's quilt and it came out just fine, so heres hoping.

Quilt Stats:
40" x 58"
Top: a New Zealand import called Motocross Panel in Royal Blue and the Motocross Icons in Ocean Blue.  The inner border is Alexander Henry Heath in Black.
Backing:  Harmony Rose Texture in Dark Grey by Christine Adolph, Xtreme Sports Motocross by South Sea Imports scraps from Jack's Quilt,  a strip of Skull & Cross bones fabric from JoAnns.
Binding: Little Hot Rod - Checked Flag Wave - Black/White also known as: Hit the Gas Racing Checks Black by Dan Morris for Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Here is my little helper playing with his blocks and cars.  Isn't he sweet?

By the way, my Simply Mae Shop is closed for our trip.  It will reOpen on September 1, 2011. 

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  1. So cool Lynds!! Love catching up on your blog:-).


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