Monday, August 8, 2011


YEAH,  I'm in!!!  Yep, another Quilt Along:)  You may think I'm crazy, but I joined the Hexagon Charm Quilt Piece Along.  Through the blogging world I met Cindy at Live A Colorful Life blog and she led me to Melanie's blog Texas Freckles, isn't that the cutest name?  Anyway she, Melanie, started this QAL over a year ago.  She has easy tips and a video on piecing a hexagon quilt.  These have always intimidated, but also intrigued me.  This is a great project for travel and beach and well, just about anywhere.  I'm so excited!  On Thursday we are leaving for our annual 2 week vacation to Montana.  So I put together this hexagon sewing kit:

Needles, thread, clippers, and 1 1/2" English paper piecing pack from Sew Deerly Loved on Etsy.  I've modified the paper piecing a little for easier pinning.  There's only one thing missing, something to keep them in.  Hmm, I'll have to use a baggie for now.

These are the delicious 4" reproduction fabric squares I ordered from Hoosier Quilter on Etsy.  She has so many bundles like this, it was really hard to choose only one. But I think 50 should cover me for our two week trip, just around the corner.

This too is a 'go at your own pace' group.  I know, what your thinking, I'll fit right in;)  I've chosen to do a 50" by 60" throw size quilt, so I'll need to complete 540 hexagons.  YIKES!!!  Thanks to Melanie, who did the math, I've got this fun little chart to fill in as I go:

See, one down, 539 more to go.  And you may have already noticed...I added a Hexie Progress Bar to the left column of my blog.  Aren't hexagons cute?  I love my first one.

One other thing, I'm really looking forward to on vacation, other than the boating, hanging with 4 of my favorite families, and horseback riding, is this book:

I couldn't wait, I already read the first two chapters and I can already tell, its gonna be a good one. 

And so, I'm off to pack for a very long road trip.  Please forgive the gap between my last post and this one.  I do intend to keep in touch during vacation.  There are some great antique shops, quilt shops and the fair will be on while I'm there, so definitely good stuff I can share with you!




  1. Enjoy the ride and the fair. Been years since i went to a decent Fair.

  2. Great hexagon project! I love your organization (even the plastic bag part :D). Looking forward to seeing your progress. I had thought about joining the hexagon quilters, but I know my limitations!

  3. hmm, wow, I hadn't heard of this hexie quilt along, sounds like fun... I look forward to seeing your progress! xo amy

  4. I love hexies . . . I have so many going now . . . I'll just keep on and keep on. I'm glad I saw your post about the book. I was considering purchasing it, now I will. Laura of Ruby Grey Studio


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