Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mo Mo Quilt is Ah Nun!

Sorry for the long pause between posts.  Its been rather busy around here, but the good news is, I've had time to work on my quilts.  This makes me happy.

Jack calls motorcycles, 'mo mos' and "ah nun" is Jack's way of saying 'all done.'  Here it is:

This is the top of the quilt.  

It being my first time I've machine quilted I must say I'm very proud of the way the outline quilting turned out.  To add detail to the panel I outline quilted the racers/bikes in each block and around the tire marks that frame the blocks.  Can't wait to wash it and see how the crinkle turns out.  Machine quilting is gonna take some getting used to, but I like that its faster than hand quilting.  Being a perfectionist, however, it hard for me to be happy with its imperfection.  Thankfully my first subject is only 2 years old and loves it.

This is the back.  

My favorite print in this line is the bottom one (also used for binding).  Its stripes of tires, and chains. 

The happy boy and his quilt.

Quilt measures 41" x 59"
Fabric Panel, Backing, Binding, and Outer Boarder:  Xtreme Sports Motocross by South Sea Imports
Inner Border:  Hit the Gas Racing Checks Black by Dan Morris for Robert Kaufman Fabrics

And here is an update on the Play Date Quilt

  The top is finished and I'm all set to begin the quilting.
  I'm thinking hearts...what do you think?  We'll see how well this goes.

Keep you posted.


  1. I love this quilt! Can you tell me where I can get the fabric?

  2. I just posted a comment and requested fabric info. I was specifically talking about the motocross quilt. Thank you. (All the quilts are beautiful)!

    1. I got the main panel at a quilt shop closeout sale. And the coordinating prints from I don' think its available anymore, but they do have a sky blue print with motocross characters on it still.

  3. I love this quilt. I'm wanting to make one with this fabric pattern for my nephew who was just recently paralyzed in a car crash. He loves motocross and would love it.


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