Monday, September 9, 2013

End of Summer

We had a wonderful camping trip to Yosemite National Park. Above is a picture of us at Tunnel View lookout. Behind us is El Capitan. Wish the photo-taking stranger had stepped a little further to the left and gotten Half Dome in the picture. Oh well! Our first camping trip was about as perfect as they get. Our 4 year old even hiked up 900' of elevation to Vernal Falls without one complaint. So proud of him. The weather was warm and wonderful. We are definitely doing this again.

This past week we've been spoiling ourselves at the beach. The sun finally decided to come out in San Clemente just as most vacationers were heading back to school. Funny how that works. FYI if you ever plan a trip to SoCal, come in Sept/Oct if you want sun at the beach. We always have overcast along the coastline. You can drive inland about 2 miles and it'd be blazin though.

Today this little guy started PreSchool. Can you see the excitement on his face? He basically ran in and didn't look back. You can imagine how I felt. I had to ask him to come back and give me a kiss. He did of course, he 's sweet like that. I love him so much.

Now back to quilting...more often. Please ignore the tear drops on my stitching.

As a distraction I finished up sewing these rows together. I've changed my mind on adding a boarder to this one. Its big enough and I kind of like it without a boarder. Not sure if I'll get to basting and quilting this one right away. I'm anxious to finish up my swoon blocks.

Got all the prints cut. Now I'm just waiting for more Kona Snow to show up at my door. I'm about 4 blocks shy. This is gonna be so pretty on my bed. I can't wait!





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