Thursday, June 27, 2013

Free Find & Progress

Isn't cute?!  I found it out front of a neighbor's house.  Funny too, cause I was just admiring the return of this American classic in the latest Crate & Barrel catalog.  This one is an Ikea acrylic version, but who cares?  Its aqua and its mine!  

Last night I finished a little dresden cushion for the seat.  So comfy at my sewing desk.

Last week my MacBook Pro took a dive, so while my hubby is operating on it, I'm trying out the Blogger app for iPad.  Hope this post formats properly.  We shall see ;)

Above is the progress of my FMF Herringbone quilt all laid out.  Next I'll be sewing the rows together.  Going from machine to the pressing board and back again is a bit taxing, so I try to work in stages.  

Sad to say, now that its all  laid out, I'm not loving it. I mean I think its a great quilt, but I'm not sure I want it for my bed quilt anymore.  Why do I change my mind in the middle of the process?  I will finish this, but I'm finding myself distracted with a new vision.  More on that later.  

I managed to finish hand quilting the churn dash quilt this week.  For some reason this one seamed to take forever.  It feels so good to say its done.  Now for the binding...


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