Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More Like Home Everyday

Over the holiday weekend, I was able to pick up my new sofa.  We haven't had one since we moved in in April.  Now this place finally feels like home to me. 

We bought the Ikea Kivik sofa with a dark grey slip cover.  I'm already in love with it.  Its super firm but still comfy as it has some memory foam.  And the fact that it is slip cover makes me happy too.  I think my coffee table works well with the height of the seat and they compliment each other well.  

Just before we moved my husband surprised me with this beautiful pair of blue crushed velvet sofa chairs.  He was so excited!  He said he got theme at an estate sale for $40 each.  What a steal!  They are super comfy and in good shape.  We will have to reupholster them eventually as the back are badly sun bleached, but you can't see that really up against the wall.   I've ordered some fabric to recover some pillows to tie the sofa and chairs together.  

 Its Anna Maria Horner's new Field Study Linen line.  I purchase a half yard bundle in the Charisma colorway (above) from Sew Love Fabrics for $40.  It was hard to choose between the colorways.  But I went with this one because it was brightest and my furniture is dark.  Can't wait to get my hands on them.

The first night we had the new sofa we hosted some out of town friends over with their two little ones.  Together with my son they broke it in perfectly.  I couldn't be happier...until today when I saw these at Target:

I don't know about you, but I love me some vintage blue Ball mason jars.  I was just thinking I wish I could find some more around here, but they are so popular they cost $15+ per jar.  I'm sorry, but that is rediculous!  I got my first one for 50 cents at a garage sale last summer.  I would have paid maybe $5, but not more.  I had no idea Ball was coming out with this anniversary edition, but I bought them with no hesitation.  Under $8 for 6 jars.  Now we have new glassware:D

Just for the sake of comparison, I had to put them side by side.

  My vintage one is much more of a aqua (blue/green) and the new vintage one on the right is more of a turquoise.  I love all shades of aqua, teal, turquoise etc.  So I don't mind the differences.  

I did some more sewing of my quilt I'll be back later this week to share my progress.


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  1. Hi! Did you jump ship with your blog? I just found it and would totally read it because I also love anything Amish and try to apply some of their plain ways to my life and home. Would love to read what you've learned. Maybe we can share a thing or two! :)


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