Monday, June 11, 2012


Hi there!  got some new projects to share with you all.  First off, its SUMMER TIME!!!  I'm so glad its summer even though we have the 'June Gloom' thing going on here in SoCal, its still summer.  I've already enjoyed a bonfire, laying on the beach building sandcastles, and watermelon.  What do you look forward to during summer?

Okay, now for the projects:

I've actually been working on this since/during the Swoon quilt.  Its from the scraps I cut off to make some of the flying geese pieces in the blocks.  I just couldn't bare to throw them out.  If you've made any swoon blocks you know what part I'm talking about.  Anywho, I thought triangles would make a great hourglass mini quilt.  I'm one short, cause I trimmed too much, but I've decided to throw in a little square of Pezzy in Red from American Jane.  More to come on this project.

I've been desperately longing for these too books.  I finally ordered them off my long wish list on Amazon.  I'm so NOT disappointed.  In hopes to learn some hand stitching this needlework book has some really amazing easy to follow pictures and directions.  And the Denyse book, how could I not add that to my collection?  There are a couple quilt patterns I'm already planning to use, like this one:

Its called the Churn Dash.  My 1930s peach yeardage has been collecting lavender friends for a while now with no inspiration what-so-ever.  Until now that is.  I think this collection will really like the new arrangements I have planned for them.  So excited!

Okay, I've really been excited to share this last project with you.  A little back story:  I remembered the other day that my true love mentioned a while back something about wanting a "custom shirt".  I have no idea what he really had in-mind, but I got inspired to make him one none the less.  I've never made a shirt for a man, but I did make myself a cowgirl shirt in my college sewing class.  Can't be much different.  Being Father's Day and all, I thought this would be a great time to give it a try.

I chose a pattern that was more fitted.  My hubby is tall and thin, so most shirts that fit his broad shoulders are really baggy at the waist.  Hope this Vogue 8759 pattern is a good fit.  Crazy how making clothes is more expensive than buying them now.  I purchased this nice light weight linen in a medium brown.  Don't really know why I chose this fabric, but I really like it.  It was a toss between blue and brown.  He looks good in both colors.

I really enjoy making apparel, but its projects like these I really wish I'd splurged and bought myself an Overlock years ago.  I still can't believe I don't have one.  I'm positive I'd sew more garments if I did.  I tried Facebook last week to see if anyone could lend me one for the week.  Crickets.  They are a rarity.  Maybe I'll save up this summer and bite the bullet.  For now, these seams will be finished on my domestic best friend, Janome MC 3500.

By the way, my true love already knows about it.  I had to measure him, and he shares his home office with my sewing room.  So no surprise on the gift.  But thats no big deal, right?

More to come,

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