Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Swooning Again

Hi, I've been up to more sewing.  Actually, I finished these last three Swoon blocks in one week.  I've been hand quilting it for the last two weeks, and finishing up on the binding today.  
Swoon Block 7

Block 7 is not my favorite.  I don't think this large gingham print is that great for piecing,  but from afar blended into the quilt top, it's not bad.  If I had more time to make another block, I probably would have replaced it.

Swoon Block 8

Block 8 is probably one of my favorite combinations. Reminds me of seaglass.

Swoon Block 9

All along I've been planning this block for the center.  Remember when originally I bought this Alexander Henry print from Joann's on accident thinking it was part of the Picnic & Fairgrounds collection?  Silly me:D  However the colors compliment each other so well, so I decided to use it in the quilt. I just love how the red rooster gets center stage.

After much thought and prayer I've decided to donate this quilt to a silent auction benefit for my girl friend Kelly who has been fighting breast cancer.  This weekend is her benefit.  Sadly I wont be able to attend because of a family graduate celebration.  But I hope it brings much needed funds her way.

Finished quilt photos soon to come.



  1. I love the Farmdale print! Your seaglass block does look very pretty.

  2. I have to say, I actually really love your color combo's for block #7!


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