Thursday, April 14, 2011

DS Quilts Fetish

Just to share with you my High + Low. After reading this post, I jumped in the car with my 2 yr old son and drove 35 minutes to Joann’s. Sat and waited 15 minutes in the car for my son to wake up. Ran in the store…and there it was! The whole collection. I was the first to see its beauty, it was on its way to the shelves. I reached in my diaper bag and…NOOOO! I forgot my wallet! I wanted to cry. That was yesterday.

But this morning I printed out my coupons and clipped out my paper coupons and headed out the door at 9am to beat the rush of customers all with the same fetish for Denyse Schmidt (DS Quilts) and there it was!!!  But not all of it. I went to my lame closer store. I got 19 prints here, then quickly grabbed a few more instore coupons and headed out the door to Joann's ECT. store (the one I went to yesterday). And low and behold, another 3 prints I didn't see at the other store. SO... 22 prints is what I have.
 22 Marvelous Prints!

I think there may be more to come. The Joann's (the small closer one) says that they sometimes, but most often get collections over a few weeks. Its very rare for them to arrive all at once. So, next week on Wednesday, guess where I'll be checking in. Thats right and for a couple weeks to come. Just in-case more arrive.

OH Happy Day!


  1. Love the fabrics; and the reason to go to JoAnn’s for a few more visits !~! Just found you today and will subscribe. I grew up in Valley Forge area and the Amish lived quite close by us in Lancaster. Hex signs formed the basis for many of my doodling designs over the years.


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