Friday, January 27, 2012

Oops, I forgot!

I seriously was just updating my blog for the new year...and I realized I never posted about the 3rd quilt I made back in gosh, I can't remember.  But I had kept a secret on here because I didn't want the mother of the baby who wasn't here yet to see it.  I delivered this quilt in August on vacation, and planned all along to post when I returned.  However if you recall, our return home was very eventful as we had very little time to move out an into our current home.  Yada yada yada...3, 4, no...5 months later here it is:


I made this when I was still just learning to quilt.  I, being a beginner had fallen for Camille Roskelly's designs and patterns.  This pattern is Wild Thing, which is a twist on the traditional pinwheel.  I still love this quilt.

The gender of the baby this was at the time unknown, so I tried to keep it gender neutral, by only using the aqua blue, brown, red, and green non floral prints from the Bliss line by Bonnie & Camille. 

  I loved the red print for the binding, don't you?  This blissful quilt now hangs in baby Landon's bedroom.  I was so blessed to see it hanging up in his room.  Something I made...up on the wall!  I love that little man, and although I'm a little over a 1000 miles from him and can't watch him grow each day, I love that he knows his Auntie Lou loves him.  Miss the little man.

Well, just wanted to make sure I shared this one with you too.  


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