Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Its all I can really think about at this point.  Its the only thing that keeps me going.  I mean, in just one week I'm turning... I can't say it.  It hurts.

Wait... did someone poison the water hole?  I thought I was drinking from the fountain of youth.  What?  There is no fountain of youth?  Okay... just breathe.  You're gonna be fine...  Heaven is just around the corner.  Focus...its just a number.  Life is a vapor.  Eternity... Heaven...  Jesus...  hmm.  He is here now.  I love Him.  What a Savior!

Then it hits...This is it, the BIG ONE!  How do I stop time?  Come on people!!!  Help me...  I'm melting.  Mua ha ha ha, I've lost my marbles.  

No really... I'm fine.


P.S.  thur...nope, I can't say were your thur thur thur? ... Oh bother, you know what I mean!



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