Friday, August 26, 2011

Vacation :: Hex

 My homemade cherry pie Yummy!

Surprised was I when my darling husband decided to extend our vacation for another 5 days.  We left the beautiful 'Big Sky Country' and landed in Wyoming for one night and visited my husband's cousin for a few hours.  Check out this amazing ranch:

Now we're in Colorado for 4 days to see my sister + her new baby
(sweet new baby skin, YES please!)  Here I am with the little one: 

I'm so spoiled by my man... I love him so much!  This has been an EPIC vacation.  So full of wonderful memories.  Although we were sad to leave MT, we've never been to WY, and CO together.

I finished The Help in the first week of vacation and  I loved it!  I laughed and almost cried.  I'm not easy to tears when reading, but then again I think Twilight got me at one point.  I''m such a softy.  Now I'm looking forward to a sister night at the movies, possibly this weekend.

My hexagons are coming right along.  I've gotten half way through my little bundle I purchased for my trip.  You can see my progress on the sidebar on the left.  

Well, I'm off to enjoy more sister and baby loves!


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  1. New babies are the best! I can't believe my little girl is 9 months already.

    Beautiful favorites. Hope you had a nice vacation :)


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