Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm Alive :: Favorites

scalloped edge dresden plate trivetlinen + hexagonsSingle Girl QuiltMini Quilt Monday!10 flowers with grey sashing - a startSecond Swoon
Day at the Zoo Quilt 1Solid Pinwheels Fronthand quilting progressGrey and White Houndstooth QuiltHoundstooth backBow Tie Quilt
FWSQ, block 57, MorningBasket Weave #4FWQAL Block 98Ice Cream DressKaleidoscopePicnic quilt - center dresden
Double Wedding Ring Quilt TopSam's quiltGiant Lynne Bob Square Pants ...Amy's Spiderweb - 192:365P6230212Farmer's Wife QAL Block #7 Birds in the Air

I know, I've been a bit flaky. Honestly after our vacation/holiday, we came home and hit the ground running. I've been filling in at my old job 12 hours a week, and so my whole routine is in array. I still have one more week to go too. We also went house hunting. We've out grown our townhome and really need to be in a family friendly neighborhood. So we found a rental home that is perfect for my gift of hospitality. I've always wanted to host a holiday and this year I finally get my chance...Yeah me!

Needless to say, I've been a little busy. Why just today, I went to work, picked up Jack, rushed him to a hair cutter, barely keeping him awake with candy. Then he had a late nap and went grocery shopping on an empty stomach and made dinner at like 8 pm. Phew, I'm pooped! Unfortunately my brain wont stop running. So I decided to self medicate by visiting flickr for a little eye candy and to get my mind off life. I think it worked:/ Here are a few treats.
Man I miss sewing, and my Farmer's Quilt blocks. At this point I'm not sure I'll get any in before the move. I've got to pack for my new dwelling quarters...Eeek...I'm so excited!

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