Monday, July 25, 2011

Pillow + Fabrics

As promised:

Here is my second pillow for my couch.  It is also 20" x 20" simple patchwork with two boarders.  I used DS Quilts Hope Valley to match this quilt.   Now both my hubby and I have quilts with matching pillows on the couch.  His + Her.

Oh and...I got some new fabrics today for stashing.  Only one really has an assignment right now.  I just loved the others so much I couldn't let the go out of print before I got some.

My new basics from top to bottom:

Fashion for Home Heath in Black + Grey by Alexander Henry
Harmony Rose Textured Wash in Green + Dark Grey by Christine Adolph
Kona Cotton Ash from Robert Kaufman Fabrics

The Dark Grey wash is assigned as a backing for a very special quilt being made for Jack's little friend's birthday.

By the way, I have to share my excitement for our vacation, now booked, to Flathead Valley, Montana!  We will be leaving in August for 2 weeks with 3 other families from our church.  Sure to be pure fun!  Then I leave for 5 days to go see a new baby in the family for the very first time.  He/She isn't quite here yet...any day now.  But I'm so excited to go and smell fresh baby skin.  Yummy!  So for the next couple weeks I'm planning and sewing my brains out.  I'm hoping to have a new top done and a quilt to share.  I'm also trying to decide on a fun hand sewing project to keep me busy on the road.  Possibly hexagons!?  Inspired by this and that.  Not sure yet, but I think I'm gonna go for it.  If you have any Hexagon tips please send them my way.



  1. LOVE your pillow and the cool fabrics. Have a great vacation!

  2. No hexagon tips as I didn't get on that bandwagon but wish I had. Enjoy the trip; sounds like you'll be having too much fun to sew, but I home you get a stitch or two in.

    Love the pillows. I've been thinking of making some for my couch as well.


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