Saturday, July 23, 2011


Okay I know I'm a day late, almost 2 days, this week with my blocks.  I try to pick one hard one and one easy one each week, and this week... I picked a really really hard one. 

[38]  Four Winds

Quote from the letter that inspired the block:  "We have dried out, drowned out, hailed out and burnt out.  Always we drew together, looked in each other's eyes and whispered 'Tough!  But we have each other and the children.  We'll make it.'" Mrs. W. R. Hutchinson County, S. D.

Man this block was tricky.  There are 72 pieces in this 6.5" block.  Tough block, yes, but nothing near what this sweet lady had been through.

[92]  Streak of Lightning

Quote from the letter that inspired the block:  "But even in times of depression can not materially affect the farmers living as the do the city man's, for he has his food from his own soil, vegetables, fruits, grains, milk and meats; so, financially, I would say his is the most independent of occupations."
Mrs. S. M. M. Franklin County, Ohio

Mommy's little helper holding the blocks in place.  Sweet little hands.

Fabrics Used:
[92] Greenfield Hill, by DS Quilts and Kona Cotton Ash
[38] Greenfield Hill + Katie Jump Rope by DS Quilts, Peas & Carrots by American Jane and Vintage Sheet (white)

Blocks Collectively
My little helper, arranged the layout.  He loves to play with the blocks.  It was hard for him to take his hands off for this picture.

My Little Helper

He asked me to take his picture, but then he began to hide.  Hense the shy, but also curious look on his sweet face.  This two year old has got me pulling my hair out one minute and melting my heart the next.   I love this stage, just as I've loved every stage of his development.  I wish he would stop growing, but I also love it when he surprises me with the most unexpected new words.  Kids truly are a blessing from Heaven. 

Have a great Sunday everyone!

P.S.  I also finished the pillow to match this quilt, but forgot to take the picture this afternoon when the camera was out.  Next post, I promise;)

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  1. I like your farmer's wife blocks! Are you still working on it or have you finished all the blocks? I bought the book, but I don't have the patience or skill to attempt 6.5" intricate blocks. I have enjoyed reading the letters in th book and seeing everyone's blocks in blogland.


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