Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thrift Shop Hop

Yesterday we visited a number of Thrift Shops in a retired community about an hour away.  I don't know why we don't do this more often.  Its one of our favorite things to do together as husband + wife.  Since we live in "the OC" most of the good stuff is too pricey or picked over.  So we tend to only thrift on vacation.  But last night we got the itch. I was in search for vintage sheets and patterns.  Joe was looking for mid-century modern furniture.  (He's a furniture pro!)  Unfotunately we didn't score any furniture yesterday, but we do already have a set of 2 end tables & coffee table to keep him busy in the garage for a while.  The good news is, I did score!  All at one shop too... I found these 4 lovely sheets (above).  They coordinate perfectly with a few I've already collected.   FQs will also be available soon in my shop, once I've properly laundered.  I also found some fun vintage patterns to add to my shop. Overall we had a very fun day as a family.  Jack did really good in the shops and driving around.  We ended the day at a park so he could really stretch his legs and mine.   We teeter-totted for way to long.  My legs are soar today.  Can't wait to thrift more in the future together.

Have you thrifted lately?  Find anything good?


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  1. Really cute blog! Your quilt style is more modern than mine, but your taste is just fun to see. Who knows - I may end up on your side of the fence one day!


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