Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Cottage Quilt ~ Finished

Okay,  I'm really REALLY sorry for the gap between posts.  Sharing a camera with my hubby who uses it for work makes my posting few and far between.   I promise I'll work out a system so we aren't held up in the future.  I've been dying to share this beauty with you for a week now.   So here is my Summer Cottage Quilt...

These colors remind me of turquoise beaches, coral sunsets, and iced cold Arnold Palmers (tea & lemonade) My favorite drink.  Ahhh...

I quilted this one in straight lines using the walking foot for the first time.  Still takes a lot of quilt wrestling, but its was much easier than the free motion.  Still,  I can't believe how well this turned out.  I love the way the bricks line up and the quilting compliments its structure well.

Summer Cottage Quilt stats
Finished Size: 41" x 47"
Block size: 7" x 4"

Fabrics Used:
  • Darlene Zimmerman's 1930's prints from Little Darlings, Granny's Fourteen, and Mama's Feedsacks for Robert Kaufman
  • Monaluna for Robert Kaufman Mingle - Yellow Dots
  • Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton Solids in Aloe + White
The plaid print takes up most of the backing, but I also used some left over scraps to piece a strip across the middle.  I have a thing for plaid.  I wish I had more of the tea cups, and aqua floral prints.  They were also favs.  I've had these FQ since last summer as well as a few other coordinates, but they became half aprons and sold very quickly at a boutique fair last October.

I've listed this quilt in my Simply Mae Shop on Etsy here.

On to the next project::

I'm so, SO, so excited to share with you something I'm very happy to have my hands on.  I finally bought a collection of Denyse Schmidt's Katie Jump Rope prints, yeah!!!  I've had possession of some prints over the past couple years, but my desire was the whole collection, of course!  No way was I gonna pay $200+ for the FQ bundle on Etsy.  Really?  I know I can still buy the queen size Single Girl quilt in Katie Jump Rope already finished here for the same price.  Given, its not made by me.  I really want to make my very own Katie Jump Rope Quilt, just for me, ya' know?

Anywho, I settled for 9" x 11" set, (scraps really) on eBay at a ridiculous price, BUT after hours of math to get a good size quilt I took the plunge!  I started cutting and piecing a couple days ago and am so anxious to see the final blocks.  If I did the math right, my quilt will be 56" x 70".

Here is my progress so far:

You're probably thinking patchwork, but I've actually got a LOT of applique ahead of me.  Another first.  But with my sewing background, the real challenge is just the time.  Confession, I'm not super patient.  Pray for me:D  Check back soon as I promise to share more of my progress, while its actually happening;)

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