Sunday, June 26, 2011

FWQAL Two Blocks down

Well I got two new blocks done and they are exactly the right size!  6 1/2" square.  YEAH!  I really love these blocks:D

[21] Contrary Wife

Quote from the letter that inspired the block: "Let me tell you that the woman who can't keep her mind well-balanced and happily busy, on a farm, would probably be an entirely useless member of society, no matter where she lived." C. Mc. D. B.
I love the black contrast to this yellowy/green print.  

[47] Homemaker 

Quote from the letter that inspired the block: "So I want my girl to marry a farmer that she may have the best chance to live a successful life and of being a real home-maker." Mrs. R. A. S.  Shawnee County, Kan.

Boy was this one tricky.  I've never sewn an angle like that with such small pieces. Sadly the points pucker a little.  Far from perfect, I know, but I'm satisfied with the way it turned out and thats what matters, right? 

Both blocks are made of fabrics from both Greenfield Hill and Hope Valley by DS Quilts.  

Here they are side-by-side.  Cute, hey?  I know I know, you love 'em too;) 

Okay off to clean house while boys are at the park.


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