Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Already?

Wow that week went by fast.  I was hoping to get more sewing in this week, but we were spontaniously gifted a few days in Big Bear Lake at a timeshare.  We left at a moments notice and boy was it worth it!  We returned on Wednesday for our nephew's High School graduation.  So I did get a little sewing in.  Here is my update.

My Katie Jump Rope Bowtie Quilt is slowly coming along.  Since I had only very small amounts of each print, I had to applique the knot onto the center.  Slow going...I'm still blanket stitching and regretting the process all together.  I really Really REALLY don't like slow progress projects.  Although its taking a lot of time, I do think this will turn out looking really good and the blanket stitch will give it that real bow tie look.

Farmers Wife Quilt Along update:
Well last night I realized I'd printed out the templates incorrectly and that explained why my first two blocks were just under 6" each when they should be at about 6.5" each.  So I've started again. But the GOOD NEWS is that I got another set of fabrics that greeted me when I returned from vacation.  On the right in the above picture is the Greenfield Hill FQ bundle by DS Quilts in Dogwood.  Are you catching on?  Yep thats right, I'm going GREEN!!!  Farm-like, don't you think?  I just love green and if you I ever get a chance to post a picture of my living room, you'd agree.  I've got Kona solids heading my way as well to help tone down the busy prints in each block.  So more to come next week.  Jack's doing an overnight at Grammy's this weekend, so I'm sure to get a few more blocks done or shall I say Re-done!

Back to our trip...we had an amazing time.  I literally checked out the moment we left the driveway.  I dropped the ball on a couple of things too, but all has been forgiven.  Here is a family pic we managed to take using a stump as a tripod.

The only problem I have is... a fear of wildlife... you know the scary kinds like the quiet ones that somehow sneak up on you like mountain lions, bears, wolves, and snakes.  Unfortunatley this sometimes puts a damper on my enjoyment of 'The Great Outdoors.'  I have a really hard time with overcoming this fear.  I think having a dog would lesson this fear greatly, but we aren't ready for that right now.  Seriously all the times we've gone hiking, we've never come across anything, so you think I'd get more comfortable over time, but NO.  Especially now that we take Jack along.  And of course, right when we are scoping out a picnic area, I spot this:

Yep thats a RATTLE SNAKE! 

Thankfully this photo was taken from the safety of our truck, but only about 4 feet away, and it wasn't rattling.  So we chose another place to picnic but not too far from here.  So we ate fast and kept Jack really close.  Phew,  glad thats over!


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