Sunday, May 1, 2011

County Fair

Hi again!  Well, I've been a busy little seamstress lately.  Here are my latest accomplishments:

I made these two beach totes from the County Fair Home Decor fabric line by Denyse Schmidt.  You may have already caught onto my DS obsession.

This first one I made with the Bouquet fabric in Berry on the exterior
and Dizzy Dots in Berry on the interior.

This one is made with Posies in Raisin on the exterior 
and Dizzy Dots in Ginger on the interior.

Both are available in my Simply Mae Shop on Etsy.

I really enjoyed making these using home decor fabric.  Although its a heavier cotton it really was easy to handle.  It gives the bag a sturdier feel too, which is so needed as a workhorse/all purpose/throw it all in the bag, kind of tote.

I also really liked the colors DS used for the home line.  The darker shades I chose are a little different than the traditional bright summer totes sold in stores.  I don't know about you, but I am not a flashy
kind of girl when it comes to summer.  I usually wear what you see in the above photo, ie. white, blue jeans, black and of course lots of grey.

I am so looking forward to making one for myself soon. Preview:

In the meantime, I'm already anxiously awaiting hot summer days on the beach.

Warm wishes,

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