Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Stand Corrected

Okay, I don't know how they fooled me, but I definitely should have double checked that one.  I mean how on earth did that rooster get in there?  It did seam a little odd to me that Denyse would use a roosters in one of her fabrics, but the ladies added it to my pile and cut a half yard for me.  Now that I'm home and petting my fabric, I noticed that it is NOT a DS Quilts fabric, but some other goon named Henry!

So, my bad. There are 21 prints of the DS Quilts fabric at JoAnn's. 11 of the Picnics and 10 of the Fairgrounds.  Can't wait to cut and piece together my first quilt.

Off to dreamland...nighty night.


  1. LOL! I think you are a lucky duck with those Henry roosters! They are so so cute! My joanns is out of them :( boo!

  2. Thank you Mrs. Darling, but I'm really not attached to the roosters. If you'd like I'll create a reserved listing in my Etsy shop for you. Its a half yard. LMK.


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