Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hurry Ba-a-ack

My sister was just visiting over the weekend and I must say, I can't wait to see her again this summer.  Our time together is so sweet, but too short.  Hoping to get a trip out to her new home before she comes out. It'd be so nice to see her new dwelling space.

As for an update on what I've been working on, well, not much sewing, unfortunately.  But hope to dive back in tomorrow. Today consisted of grocery shopping and listing sample products for my granpa on ebay. 24 items to be exact. Hopefully this time next week, the $$$ will be rolling in and I can give my gracious hubby his garage space back.

A little something I saw the other day that makes me hope and dream of someday having a baby girl of my very own, my childhood Holly Hobbie doll cradle. Yes thats right, my mother kept it and recently returned it to me. Of course, my son is playing with it. He put Curious George to sleep in it. So cute. This cradle got me thinking though...I think Holly Hobbie would be a great nursery theme for my baby girl. What do you think? Found these on Etsy:

vintage lunch box

 vintage twin sheet set

precious vintage holly hobbie cloth doll (I think we used to have this same one)

I want to buy them all NOW! Is that silly? I mean a daughter is really just a dream at this point.
And so my obsession for prairie/amish/county themed life grows.

Y'all com back now, y'hear!
Lindsay Mae

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