Thursday, March 31, 2011


This has been a really busy week, but today sums it up in a whirlwind. I didn't even leave the house, ok I did, but I didn't drive anywhere.

This is what my day consisted of:

Giant pancake breakfast with Neutella + bananas
Wash 5 loads of laundry
Cut out fabric for new beach totes
Sorting through books for garage sale
Unloaded two deliveries of sample products for garage sale Saturday
Chasing 2 year old boy on beach in 80 deg @ 5:30 pm in March (weird?)
Cook dinner
Bathe dirty boy + put to sleep sweet boy
Fold 5 loads of laundry (why do I let it stack up like this @ 8 p.m.?)
Hard cook eggs for Breakfast tomorrow (early on the road for mototrack w/hubby)
Dishes from 3 meals
Now its my turn for shower and sleep:) ahhh
If only I could figure out what triggers my eye twitch. No really, if I knew, I'd avoid it completely.
Good Nite Moon

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