Wednesday, April 25, 2012

P!nk Confession :: A Finished Quilt

Okay,  I have a secret to spill about me.  I think I finally like pink! Its so weird because I've never like it before.  Its always been this way, I don't know why.  There have been a few exceptions, like once I owned a mauve a-line skirt, but thats it for at least 10 years now, absolutely nothing else since.  Until I saw this post at Cluck Cluck Sew by Allison.   Maybe its the desire for a baby girl in me, maybe the color is growing on me.  Okay, its probably both!

So two weeks ago I was staring at my fabric stash and all the pink jumped out at me saying "cut me!"  I needed a few more coordinates.  Nothing a trip to Joanne's doesn't fix, right?  There was no waiting this baby wanted to be born.

This was such a fun quilt to make because I really began to fall in love with each fabric.  I especially never thought orange and pink went well together but now I do.  Don't you?

All the fabrics I used are from various line by Denyse Schmidt, who else?  I know, my obsession is getting a little out of control.  But I'm okay with that.  I added the grey print to give the eye a spot to rest on.  I picked that idea up from Rita at Red Pepper Quilts, except she usually uses a black and white print.  I think grey did the trick.

Okay the new love for pink didn't stop with this quilt...I also went and bought a hot pink satin top from F21 with matching nail polish (see above), and a new shade of pink lipstick.  

For the backing I used this calico print I've had for ages also from Joanne's.  I've saved it not know what I'd ever use it for.  It went perfectly. 

P!nk Confession Quilt Stats:
Size: 38" x 41"
Finished blocks are 3.5"square using Hope Valley, Sugar Creek, Aunt Edna and Daisy Mae all by DS Quilts
Binding is Kona Cotton in Charcoal
Backing is unknown

I've updated my Etsy Shop so you'll find this P!nk Conession Quilt listed here.



  1. Ah, now you've touched on one of my addictions. I love pink and orange together. My grandmother (!) had a pink and orange coverlet that I loved and my mother had a 60 s mod kind of box in those colors - I'm thinking that's maybe where it started. This quilt is lovely! And nice toenails, too! :-)

  2. Pretty, pretty quilt! I found your blog when I saw this quilt posted on flickr. Just lovely!

  3. I have often looked at the those burgundy fabrics in the DS ranges and wondered what they would look like together. Marrying them with the orange is perfect. This is a lovely 'not quite pink' quilt. Popped over from Goody Goody Gumdrops who 'Liebster'ed you.

  4. The quilt is wonderful and the back perfect. I love when fabric that has been sitting for decades finally finds its purpose.


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