Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bali Wedding Star

This week, I was contacted by Sandi about a photo of a quilt I took last summer while vacationing in Montana.

Sandi was wondering if I knew any info about this particular quilt.  Who made it?  Where to find the pattern? 

At first I was just gonna let Sandi in on the disappointing fact that I sadly I had NO IDEA!  I was really just lame and just took a photo of this masterpiece and didn't even think of writing down any info about it.  Then a curious hair sprang up in me, and I just had to find out.  So I went to good old Google:D  Google Images actually.  After scrolling for a few minutes I saw this mini quilt:

Wait a second, is that the same design?  It couldn't be?  It is!  The image led me to this forum.

Which lead to me finding out that it is the same pattern and its by Judy Niemeyer.  The pattern is a foundation paper piecing called Bali Wedding Star and can be purchased on her site here

This is THE QUILT!  I mean, a double wedding ring with diamond stars!  Can it get any more beautiful?  What a masterpiece!

Then I looked back I my photo, and I realized I was standing in front of the original!  So cool!  Okay, maybe I'm geeking-out right now, but Wow!

Sandi is going for it.  How about you?  Who, me?  Well, I thought having the double wedding ring quilt on my bucket list of things to make was high bar, but Judy Niemeyer takes it up a notch!

Just thought I'd share in case anyone else was interested.  Anyone want to start a QAL or Flickr group?

If you are daring like, my new friend Sandi, please share with me/us.  Love to see your fabric selection and photos along the way.



  1. It's a gorgeous quilt and I love how the batiks are used here but I'm still laboring away at my FWQ to tackle something as ambitious as this!

  2. I am in the middle of my Bali Wedding star. Love the fabrics. Learning to love the process. Absolutely know I will love it when it is done and it will be a keeper! If you want to discuss the challenge, you can email me at Carla

    1. I have a friend who is desperately trying to find this pattern. I see one site but it is discontinued. Would you be willing to help us find this for her. ??? Thank you V. Popadich

  3. My first paper peice. I did this was it.a little much but i did it and it came out great.thank you for shareing.cindy from upstate new york

  4. I'm ordering the pattern for the Bali wedding star quilt but I would like to start by making the small blue and white one in the pic above before I attempt a whole quilt. Is there a pattern for that? Or did some experienced quilter just make that basing it on the full quilt pattern? Thanks! Val

  5. can you do this pattern pieced without paper piecing?


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