Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Finished Top

I've all but finished but one gift on my Christmas shopping list.  Man, that time really flies by after Thanksgiving, doesn't it?  

I did however finish my sister Monika's quilt top today.  As I shared in a previous post, I picked the Aviary 2 in Safron by Joel Dewberry for my sister's Spanish style home.  My favorite print is the Wood Grain.  Most love the Sparrows.  They are cute too, but I'm partial to real modern prints.  I may just have to order me some more, maybe in Yellow.  My sister chose the quilt pattern, which is called 5 & Dime by All Washed Up, available here.  

To be totally honest, I didn't follow the pattern to a "t".  Sadly it didn't allow for directional fabrics, which I feel a little lame in admitting, but I didn't catch it sooner.  So, I had to add a top and bottom border to get the same size quilt.  Now my sister will probably never notice the faux pas one bit.  But between you and me, I'm slightly annoyed.  Shall I list them, or just let your eye catch them?  Hmm, we're all friends here, so I trust your sensitivity to a beginner quilter such as me.

1. The Damask in Saffron is going the wrong direction (hence the "not catching it sooner" part)

2. The top and bottom borders are pieced.  I did do the best I could here with what little fabric I had left.  If I'd planned this out better and not cut the focus vertical strips earlier on, I would have avoided this issue all along.  I had read some tutorials in piecing a border with short strips by adding corner blocks etc., but nothing looked right with this pattern.  So I did the best I could in lining up the twigs.  

3.  Color matching, as stated in this post.  I really need to get over it.  I know it looks fine.

Hope I can move on and not let all these bug me every time I see this quilt at my sister's house.   

Sorry, again for the poor photo quality.  A new camera is on my Christmas Wish List and my birthday list in February.  Here's hoping.  

On a happier note:  my next post will include...A GIVE AWAY!!!  


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  1. I think this is gorgeous! I would not have spotted the mistakes and the border looks fantastic - you matched it really well! I love that line and I agree the woodgrain is beautiful (I've been really tempted and I might just have to get some!!)


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