Monday, November 28, 2011

Next Up

Today I want to share my next project with fabrics with you.  When I saw this FQ bundle last year, I thought, oh my sister is gonna want that!

Aviary 2 in Saffron by Joel Dewberry
She fell in love instantly when I sent her the link.  So I made a deal with her.  You pick up the tab and I'll make you something special.  These colors and prints compliment her Spanish style home so well. The quilt pattern she chose is really simple and wont require much cutting so this should be a quick one.

I needed a few more FQs though to break up some of the busy prints and bring out some of the colors, so we went with these Kona solids:


Kona solids from top to bottom: Champagne, Aloe, Tangerine, and Cinnamon.
Matching colors online is too tricky for me and I'm that anal that I really want them to match.  So I went to Flickr and found women that had used this line of fabrics and asked what solids they used.  I'm very happy with the first three.  The last one, the brown one, not so much.  I guessed on this one.  Next time I'm going with a chocolate color.  Cinnamon is a little too red, but my sister doesn't mind at all, she likes it.  So we are moving forward.  


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