Thursday, November 3, 2011

:: Its Official ::

My Happy Front Door!!!

I've unpacked my fabric + sewing boxes, which means...we are all settled in.  Yippy!  Well, I am at least.  My husband still has a few more to unpack in the office/sewing/guest room.  It felt so good today when that last box of mine disappeared.

Twas a Happy Thanksgiving yesterday.  My favorite holiday was a smashing hit.  It was my first time hosting a holiday and I truly enjoyed every minute of having my home filled with both our families.  Although I could have done without a trip to the ER in the morning which postponed dinner 2 hours.  Our sweet little Jack fell in the backyard and gashed his eyebrow on a retaining wall...thankfully we talked the ER doc out of stitches. Super glue to the rescue!

Today, Black Friday,  I'm devoting my day to potty training.  I find it relieving to not go out in the craziness of the shopping day.  How about you?  Do you prefer to wait out the MAD RUSH or do you join in the holiday cheer immediately after Thanksgiving? Or are you busting out the Christmas decor?  My sister's family tradition is a turkey bowl,  I hear thats quite popular too. 

Well now that I've enjoyed my Thanksgiving left over Sandwich (and thought of Ross on Friends echoing: "You ate my sandwich"),  I'm feeling rather grateful.  Yesterday,  I found many things to be grateful for, and today even more.  God is so good and He makes all things work together for our good.  The more I focus on the good things in my life the better I feel.  Gratitude is a great thing to practice.  I love this season because it always puts me in a posture of humility.  We have so much, and it is so easy to want more than we need.

Once this potty training is tackled I've got a short little list of to dos:
Finish wood furniture in living room
Begin on my sister's quilt (more to come with this)
Purchase Daisy Mae by DS Quilts at JoAnn's
Destash in my Etsy store: Simply Mae Shop

Thank You for your visit on my blog today,

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  1. I love the color of your front door!

    I bought some of the Daisy Mae last week. The designs are a little different from the other two lines for Joanns and I think I might prefer it. Good luck finding all the pieces! My Joanns only gets a few bolts.


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