Monday, October 17, 2011

:: Stopping In ::

Good Grief!  Its been a while.  I  miss you, my blog friends.  I so long to return to a normal life.  We are moved in, but slowly been unpacking.  YIKES!  This has been a stressful transition, especially for my hubby.  He hadn't moved in 10 years, and wasn't as accustomed to moving as I am.  Still, we learned a few lessons the hard way.  Wish I had more photos to share, but I'm pooped so, hope this will satisfy your eyeballs for now.

Tonight we enjoyed some homemade Pumpkin Gingersnap Ice Cream.  YUMMY!  Jack helped me make it last night, and he has been patiently waiting to have some. 

Recipe found here
Although I'd love to go into detail about the last 3 weeks of our moving in & getting settled, I'll spare you.  Here are my to favorite things that have happened since we moved in.

This here is a refurb from 2 miror/vanities.  I took both down from the bathrooms, took them apart, made some repairs, painted and pieced back one really sweet bath vanity.  This one hangs in the master bath.  We are looking for something else for the guest bath. 

And check out that plucking mirror...well thats what I call it.  Hey, if you had a uni-brow in fifth grade this baby would be your LIFE!  I've always wanted one, but never would splurge.  It even has a lite!  Although both have a few rust spots that I just couldn't make disappear, I enjoy using both every morning.  Its so important to have a bathroom you enjoy using, don't you think?

My second, maybe my first favorite thing of the last three weeks is this:  I went looking on Craig's list for a rocker that reminded me of my Grama's red velour rocker.  Red is not my color, but still I love, Love, LOVE Grama's rocker.  I had it in my room when I lived with her years ago.  She often sits in it and reads her Bible and other novels we pass back and forth.  Recently Grama shared with me that it actually belongs to my aunt who bought it in college.  Funny, I thought it was Grama's all this time.  Anyway, with only a few short minutes of looking I found this beauty:

I made the call and drove 40 minutes to get it for a little more than I wanted to pay, but now that its mine.  I'm in heaven!  Woo-hoo!  It is the exact same chair as my Grama's but in Yellow.  Perfect for my new master bedroom.  Perfect for my color scheme.  Its so comfy and in great condition too. 

Although our "all original 1976" home turned out to need a little, no no no, a LOT more TLC than we had first noticed, I do love it.  Mental note:  you always see more once you've actually moved in.  What we thought would be a one week project has turned into 3 and sadly, might linger on.  Pictures of the unintended "remodel" are still to come, so check back with me.  One project I took on was painting the kitchen cupboards, no regrets, just underestimated. 



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