Monday, July 11, 2011

Spontanious Cut, A Lot of Magic, & Monday Arrival

Well, I finally did it...I cut my hair!!!

I've never had short hair (well shorter than shoulder length), and I did this without consulting my man.  He has told me before that he REALLY likes my long hair, but I really wanted to try short.  So, I set an appointment and let my friend Jill go at it.  Joe was shocked at first, but does admit to liking it.  I LOVE it! 

After trimming my mane, we had a date night with a couple friends visiting from Nashville.  They took us to the exclusive Magic Castle Club in Hollywood.  It was definitely one of those nights you never forget.  The multiple shows of magic, ahhhmazing!  The comedy, so so funny.  I really needed a good dose of laughter.  The food...deeelish!  I even got to indulge in my favorite desert, creme bruleĆ©.

We are so blessed to have had such a fun night out with great friends.  Thanks Gills!

And last but not least, my postman delivered these treats today.  Aren't they cute!
The two on the left are by American Jane, Daisies on Green of Peas & Carrots, and Green Flowers/Ribbons of Playground; purchased from ClayDeal.  And the two on the right are vintage sheet FQs purchased from JennasAttic.  I think they are great additions to my green stash for my Farmer's Wife Quilt, don't you?

Hope to share some blocks later this week with you.  Until then...keep smiling:D



  1. Love the cut! It's fab on you! Love the fabric too! The first on the left and the last on the right are my favorites! They will make something very very cute! ~ Kelly

  2. Your hair looks super. Green is a favorite color of mine and the early spring green in these fabrics hits the spot. Whatever you make with them will be lovely.

  3. Super cute hair! :) Looks like you had a fun night out!

  4. Your hair is fabulous! I have always wanted to go to the Magic Castle.


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