Friday, July 8, 2011

FWQAL + Kona Greens

My greens are here!

From left to right Kona Cotton in Green Grass, Spring, and Green Tea.  I also bought Ash, cause I thought it would coordinate well with the DS Quilt prints.  Which it does...happy me:)

And... I made up for last week.  Here are 3 Farmer's Wife blocks.  I picked some easy ones for this week.
[73] Rainbow Flowers

Quote from the letter that inspired the block:  "The mind of a  farmer's wife is continually broadening by the variety of her interests.  Bees, berries, babies, cheese, chicks, canning; grub garments, garden-do these suggest an empty mind?" Mrs. G. B. H. Richland Couty, Mont.

Block facts: Greenfield Hill by DS Quilts, Kona Cotton Ash + Green Grass

[102] Whirlpool

Quote:  "I want my daughter to marry a farmer that they may live and work together in God's free air and sunshine.  Here is happiness.  Here is health.  The wonders of nature are all about them and even God Himself seems nearer here." Mrs. S. M. M. Franklin County, Ohio

 Block facts: Greenfield Hill by DS Quilts, Kona Cotton Green Tea

[56] Maple Leaf

Quote:  "Can you think of anything in the city that compares with an orchard in bloom?"  Mrs. G. W. N. Ingham County, Mich

Block facts: Greenfield Hill + Hope Valley by DS Quilts

Have a happy Friday!



  1. I love the quotes. Makes me long for a much more simple life......

  2. Great blocks! Isn't this book one of the best just to sit and read? I love how you are adding bits of the letters to your post.


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