Friday, July 15, 2011

Katie Jump Rope :: A Finished Quilt

Quilt Top
Finally!!! My Katie Jump Rope Quilt is finished.  This makes me SO happy!  I've been working on this quilt longer than I wanted to.  The cutting and piecing of this bow tie quilt was simple, but the applique of the center ties was a little more time consuming than I had anticipated.  Not sure if corner piecing would have been much faster though.  I was limited with the size scraps I purchased, so applique was my only option for this pattern.  And I've really wanted to make a bow tie quilt ever since I fell in love with the collection.  I am so happy,  I'm smiling:D

detail of blocks
Okay, so I made this pattern up myself and gathered some helpful tips from a similar quilt done on Flickr! here.  Although this quilter had suggested a double-sided fusible web, I used stitch witchery and it was fabulous.  Possible pattern coming soon.  I just have to compile my steps.

Quilt Back
Quilt Stats
Size: 55" x 68"
Fabric:  Katie Jump Rope by Denyse Schmidt, Kona Cotton White & Ash

I wish it wasn't so HOT out!  I'd love to cuddle up with this quilt right now.  I'm working with very small scraps left over for a toss pillow.  This is a great start to a beautiful weekend, don't you think?



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