Friday, July 15, 2011

FWQAL :: Week 4

I know I should really be on week 7, but I started late.  This week I chose two blocks from the same letter and used some of my new fabrics.  And...I found I have a new favorite!

[12] Broken Sugar Bowl

Quote from the letter that inspired the block:  "Raised in the country, I determined young never to stay here.  I pursued an education in a large city, and then, lo, I lost my heart to a farmer!" Mrs. G.R.E. Morgan County, Ala.

Block Stats: Hope Valley by Denyse Schmidt,  Peas & Carrots by American Jane, and the white one is a vintage sheet.

[33] Farmer's Puzzle

Quote from the same letter as above that inspired the block:  "We are the happiest couple I know, have more chance to enjoy each other on a farm than elsewhere and I can wish no greater blessing for my daughter than the love of a farmer like 'Dad.'" Mrs. G.R.E. Morgan County, Ala.

I love the ribbon-like design. Thankfully my extra efforts in fussy cutting stripes paid off. Just as others in this Quilt Along are saying, my husband too said at first sight, this one looks like a swastika. I see it too, but I can easily overlook it. I read once on another blog, I can't find it now, but I remember it saying before the German's used this symbol, it had a happier meaning to it. Block, #4, which I haven't made yet, looks more like a swastika than this one I think.

Block Stats: Greenfield Hill by Denyse Schmidt

And here are all my blocks so far:

Some are a little rough, but hopefully with the saching, the imperfections will disappear:/
For more info on the Farmer's Wife QAL click here or to see other blocks check out the Flickr! Group.



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  1. Your blocks look fabulous! I'm also trying to gain inspiration from the letters as I choose the fabrics for mine.


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