Thursday, June 16, 2011

Grama's Quilts

Yesterday,  Jack and I went to visit my Grama, his GG.  We so love our visits.  There is just something about gramas, you know, it feels like home when we are together.  I love my Grama Bobbie.  She has always been there for me, in good times and in rough times.  About 7 years ago, she passed down 3 quilts to me when I was living with her, working full time, and taking night classes (sewing included).  This was a very special time to me.  She also passed a few books over to me.  In them she documented her ownership being passed to me.  I didn't think of it at the time, but I should have documented that day in my own way.  So yesterday I took the quilts with me to visit her.  I wanted to see if she could remember anything about them from her childhood.  I took notes:)  Although Grama Bobbie didn't quilt, she did hand crochet a number of items.  These quilts were gifts given to her by important women in her life.

This first quilt is actually just a top in a simple patchwork,  Grama Bobbie believes this quilt to made by Mary Holmes, her grama (father's mom).  I'm pretty sure was made from shirting, feedsacks, and other misc reused fabrics from her home.

This second quilt was made by Grama York, she is Bobbie's cousin Opal's mother-in-law.  Confused yet?  My Grama was the only one on the block expecting (my mom) she said, so she got a lot of attention.  She said she was so honored to receive a gift that had so much work put into it.  She explained to me that, it wasn't the trend to give handmade gifts, everything was preferred store bought.  This was 1954.  She remembered this quilt having a different boarder and binding, and believes its been altered over the years.  It obviously has been used quite a bit.  She said, "oh yes! We used this quilt all the time.  It was a favorite of mine."

The third quilt is my favorite.  It hangs on the end of my son, Jack's bed.  This was my Grama Bobbie's baby quilt.  She remembered it from her childhood and thinks one of her grandmothers made it.  Her mother's mom, Cora Sapp, or her father's mom, Mary Holmes.  That would be made by my Great Great Grama.  It is hand quilted in the border only and tied in the center of each block (although some ties are missing).  Being my Grama Bobbie's baby quilt it has now gained even more favoritism in my book.

Well I just wanted to share a bit of my family heirloom quilts with you.  I really love some of the prints used in these quilts and dream of designing my own line of reproductions.  One day... maybe;)

Have a wonderful day!

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