Wednesday, May 25, 2011

my week so far

Wow!  Its only Wednesday.
Don't those lips look so sweet? 

I mean I just want to kiss my little man all the time.  But I can't, right now anyway.  Jack woke up on Sunday from his nap with a fever and it hasn't ceased since.  Poor little guy.  Hope it breaks soon.  Its not like him to hardly eat and lay around all day.  You may be wondering about that rag under his chiny chin chin is.  That the baby blanket, aka 'Silky,' I made him when he was born.  The silk is left over fabric from my wedding dress.
 I still love my dress.

And then I used a grey flannel for backing and had his initials embroidered on it in orange.  Can you tell how much he loves it?  The travel sized one looks pretty new still.  Most of its wear and tare happened during the lovely teething months.  Yes, he chewed on the corners.  It was totally grouse!  I may end up re-sewing more silk on the front for him soon.  I'm afraid he's gonna choke himself in his sleep.  Well back to my sewing table since he is ocupado with off and on napping and watching tv.


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  1. A blanky like that should be enshrined for all his days. What a great idea to use a piece of wedding dress fabric-way cool !~! Hoping he feels better soon.


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