Monday, March 4, 2013

Make Lemonade

Since we found out we have to move I haven't been motivated to garden... like, at all.  I'm so sad about the possibility of letting go of my garden box.  It is time to harvest though.  So, I called my sweet neighbor/friend over to take what she wanted and offered her the box if I can't take it with me to our new place.  She said she'd love to have my garden box.  So, hopefully it will fit in her yard.

The other day we dug out our crop and clipped lots of lemons from our little tree. Don't worry I've left plenty for the new residence. It is so rewarding to pull carrots and beets from my own soil. I just love digging and watering and watching things grow. Jack was such a good helper this season. He takes credit for the sewing of seeds, most of the watering, and of coarse the harvesting. Thats the fun part, right? God gets the glory for the growing though. It is so amazing how much can come from one little seed.   Here is my little farmer Jack Jack:

And here is the Lemonade we made together:

I used this tutorial I found on Pinterest.  Its super easy and yummy if you ever want to try making your own.

Next I think I'll try Lemon Curd, its one of my favorites on my chocolate chip scones.  


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