Monday, January 7, 2013


Since the start of the new year, I've done some thinking.  I think I'm actually gonna set some goals this year.  I've never really been one for setting goals.  But this year is different.  I can't really say why exactly but I want to share my list or I mean lists.  


1.  Simplify my life more.  I can't really describe how, but reading Almost Amish by Nancy Sleeth really helped.  Again, I recommend this book to anyone who craves a slower simpler life style.  It has some great tips and scripture to support and encourage a reason for change.

2.  Join a weekly Bible Study, at least one season of 2013.

3.  Go camping!

4.  Keep up with walking

5.  More gardening

6.  Take more pictures


1.  Make our own Queen Size quilt for our bed.  Can't believe I'm a 4 year quilter and still haven't decided what I want, but I'm gonna make it this year!  Promise.  Definitely using some if not all of my FMF stash too!

2.  More quilts.  Apparently I haven't had my fill and I have a few in mind to make for others this year. Starting with my mother-in-law's guest room.  We'll get that ball rolling next month after we attend The Road 2 California Quilt Show later this month.

3.  Make myself some skirts and maybe a dress.

4. Make an Anna Maria Horner Art Student tote.

5.  Cover some new sofa throw pillows.

6.  Unless I find some I like, make some seat cushions for my new stools my girlfriend gave me. 

As if that weren't enough, I've got some 'home work' to do as well. 


1.  Finish Re-finishing my Lane tables... I know, I can't believe its taking me this long either.

2.  Hopefully purchase a new to me sofa + recliner for my hubby.

3.  Headboard/bedframe for our bedroom.  We've both wanted an upholstered headboard forever.

4.  Fill my two beautifully ornate vintage frames.  The one above my bed with lyrics to our song and one over the mantel with some scripture.   

5.  Paint my bathroom cupboards to match the kitchen ones since the counter tops are the same mustard laminate.

Okay, that was quite the exercise.  This list is a little longer than I thought it was in my head.  Now that its on paper, or I mean my blog, I have to admit its a little intimidating.  Goodness!  More may arise as the year goes on too.  I may loose focus and let go of a few of these or carry them over into 2014.  But I'm hoping to really put a dent in this list. 

I better get busy!

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  1. All the best with your lists, Lindsay! I think carrying any unfinished projects over to 2014 is a great idea :o)


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