Friday, July 20, 2012

Garden + New Stuff

Oh I'm so excited to share a few fun things with you.  Today Mr. Postman brought me some things that have been on my 'want' list for a while.  This Fiesta pitcher for one:
Got it on eBay for like $30 and I love it.  Its not quite the aqua vintage color, but I can't find one under $60.  So Turquoise it is.  Isn't it pretty?

I've been looking for some craft to put on my sewing corner walls.  Not really knowing what to look for, I stumbled across this cross stitch pattern called Home of a Quilter by Told in the Garden.  And...its Amish!  Bonus, I know!  
I just got home from the craft store and got all the DMC threads and cloth.  Now I just have to learn to cross stitch.  Any tips out there? 

Next I scored on Jeni's Destash shop on Etsy and found this fabric:
I was just thinking someone should reproduce the Amish Pyrex bowl print on fabric.  Thank you Henry Alexander!  Its called Harvest Town.  I have no idea when it came out, but I'm so happy to own one whole yard of it!  The colors are super fun too!

Okay, bare with me.  I've got a few more photos to share.  

This lovely stack of fabric was graciously given to me by my very good designer friend.  It's called Vintage Butterflies by Christine Adolph

Aren't these pastels and brights pretty?  There are two panel prints too.  This will make a precious little girl a pretty quilt.  I think I love the butterflies and script prints the most.

Okay time for a garden update.  Today we had a small harvest:

 Red Beets

 Tomatoes are ripening

 Cauliflower doesn't seem to love my late planting, but there is one little head forming.

Corn!  Jack is especially excited about the corn.  What kid doesn't like corn?

Sadly, I caught a opossum eating 2 of the 4 apricots on my tree.  Little rascal!  He better not come back...or else!  

We thats all for this week.  I do have a quilt top finished, by haven't taken the time to snap any shots of it.  Have a great weekend my friends!


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  1. Cross stitch: My best advice - don't start - it leads to thread and pattern addiction! OK - for real - if you want some advice, email me and I will tell you what I know besides "always cross the x the same way".

    Love love love your finds!

    Linda (


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