Sunday, February 12, 2012

My 30th Birthday

Oh man, was I spoiled!  Although I'm fighting the truth of the matter (no longer being in my 20s),  I LOVE to celebrate my birthday.  Birthdays are always special, and this year doubley.  Where do I begin?  Well my husband threw me a family style dinner party with our closest friends.  Catered with rich Italian food.  YUM!  My very close friend, Jenna went all out on the decor and dessert.  She made the yummiest Tiramisu, with delicate little flowers on top and extra chocolate!  Whats a girl's birthday without chocolate?  Wish I had a picture of it.  Jenna also made me the tiarra above.  She made it so personal, it brought tears to my eyes.  You may not be aware, but that is Doris Day as Calamity Jane.  One of my all time favorite classic movies.  As you can see, Jenna added embellishments of buttons and pins.  I love her!

The invite to the party my husband sent, asked each family to bring fabric that represented their family.  I've been making a 9 patch friendship quilt since my 25th birthday.  These are the new additions to my quilt.  DS Quilts!!!  The little Japanese dolls, and of course the motorcross buds.  Some of the guests contributed to my friendship quilt already, and so brought me other little treasures.

This is my new Fat Quarter cubby from my Sister Monika and Grama.  I love love love it!  As you can see I haven't wasted any time setting it up.  I also received $$ for more quilt fabric, I've got something in mind... And last, but not husband got me an iPhone!  I never would have asked for one, but now that I have it.  Well, I'm truly spoiled.  Okay, I'm off to hang with my men for a lovely evening by the fire.  



  1. I was so sad I couldn't make your party and was honored to be invited. I have some fabric for you...xoxo-C

  2. How gorgeous! Happy belated birthday!!
    Love those shelves :)

  3. Happy Birthday!!
    Gorgeous shelves! And what's a birthday without fabric! Fantastic!

  4. oh how i wish i would have been there to celebrate your birthday with you! 30 never looked so good girl! i miss you and can't wait til that quilt is finished! love you!


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