Sunday, May 22, 2011

I ❤ Play Dates

My I ❤ Play Dates Quilt is finished.  Yeah!  This is my first quilt up for sale.  And I must say, it will be hard to part with.  It was really fun to make and I really enjoy looking at these prints.  I envision my mom playing with them when she was little.  She really was a cute little girl.  I hope it becomes a loved favorite of a very special little girl.  Well, all little girls are special, but you know what I mean;D  I learned quite a bit making this quilt.  Its my second time machine quilting; so there was definately some learning there.  Now I know what Rita over at Red Pepper Quilts means by 'quilt wrangling'.  She so inspires me.  There were a couple other things I learned while piecing the blocks too.  Being a child's quilt I'm sure my little errors will go unnoticed.  

the front has 16 blocks

 detail shot of 4 blocks

and the backing in white flannel:)

Quilt measures: 39" x 49"

Front fabrics contain 100% cotton designer 1930s-50s reproduction prints from 'Play Date' by Nancy Mahoney for P&B textiles, Aunt Grace Classics, and Kona cotton solid White.

On the back is solid white FLANNEL for a cuddle up feel, and stripes of Polka Dot in Scarlet by Bonnie & Camille for Moda Fabrics.

Prints: Valentine Hearts & Bows, Girl with Toy Dog, and Mini Flowers.
Colors: Royal Blue, Barbie pink, Minty/Sage Green, and a soft Ruby Red.

I ❤ Play Dates Quilt is for sale here.

And I got a little carried away and went ahead and made a coordinating mini Doll Quilt just for fun.  I think I like it even more than the lap/toddler quilt.

The mini Doll Quilt is a simple coin quilt and fit perfectly on my left over coordinating Fat Quarter.
The 'I ❤ Play Dates Doll Quilt' measures 16" x 19" and is for sale here.

Both quilts are for sale in my Simply Mae Shop.

I think I'll try a using the walking foot for my next quilting experience.  The darning foot is gonna take some getting used to and lots of practice.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!


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