Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ready, GO!

Okay, here I am.  Beginning my very own blog.  I'm Lindsay Lloyd and 'Modern Amish' is my little business.  I came up with the name one day as I was rediscovering my passion for sewing.  I envisioned myself creating simple garments and such.  Of course the Amish are inspiring in more ways than one.   Their taste in fashion is modest and I love that, but I also love their simple lifestyle.

Okay, I'm a little obsessed with a few things. So I must share this with you now so your are not bored from the get go.  My favorite color is GREY.  My least favorite color is pink, although sometimes you may see a mauve color here and there.  But baby pink, fuchsia, and barbie pink, to name a few, are yucky to me.  Hope I haven't offended anyone.  Mostly I love reproduction prints from the 1900s and so you will see a number of them in my posts.  As well as vintage inspired prints.  My patterns are mostly purchased from other designers, but a few I've made myself.

Although some of my creations are for sale, I want to stress that I am not really into the whole sales end of this business.  In other words, I'm not out to make a living.  Sewing is my hobby, and like so many other hobbies turned business, I don't want it to become life sucking.   Like the Amish, relationships are my number one priority.

Alright, lets get started!

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